The start of something new

Welcome, to my very first blog post/my very first content under dazed and disorderly.

I am everywhere, but no where but here – This very second as i type these words, I have proclaim that this is where the majority I will do my most thinking, planning and posting. I intended ‘Dazed And Disorderly’ to be my sanctuary, my peace of mind, my place of expression.

I build the idea of #DAD (dazed and disorderly), because it was something i never understood until i realized i could relate in the area of growing up fatherless – ironic, but in my end smart, because I created my DAD (dazed and disorderly), and it is my baby, that i will love and cherish and help grow. It started with my uncontrolling rage throughout middle school that I partake in the ‘Disorderly’ part until I was 17, in which brought in the ‘Dazed’ in me. – This is something I still feel daily.

& Honestly, I’m terrified to start online interacting and amateur journaling, but I feel like It’s the only thing for me to do to get my forever building expressions out. In the end, I just want to give back. It’s the only thing I want to ever do in my life. In order to give, you gotta have something worth giving. & with my nothing’s, I’ll dedicate my time to give the voices of my community a spotlight post, when I establish Dazed and Disorderly properly.

If all goes well, this wouldn’t be the only place you’ll find #DAD.


Love, #DAD .x